For excellence in State of the Art Manufacturing & Test.


Lightron Technologies Inc, (LTI) was created specifically for the manufacture of LiteBLOCK products in the M.E.A.Tec ISO 9000 environment.

Having experience for over 30 years as an electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) based in Montreal, Canada, LTI was established to advance & streamline production for high-end LED products.

Lightron Technologies Inc, has the resources of expert design and manufacture teams, employing precision automated equipment from PCB assembly to final product assembly and test. Lightron Technologies Inc, is also engaged in the innovation and development of new processes to respond to the continual challenging demands of its clientele.

Lightron Technologies Inc. has partnered with AEDL Distributors in Ireland to serve the European Market, and with Industries Yi Fei Wang Inc, a Canadian Company with expertise in the design and development of LiteBLOCK products.

Together we form a formidable team catering to the tough and exacting requirements of today’s lighting industry.