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LiteBLOCK Technology provides luminaires of Lumen outputs between 15KLM and 100KLM to various optics requirements (NEMA 2 to 8) operating with CRIs as high as 96 with CCTs between 3000K to 7000K.

Our popular products are based on the following guidelines:

Mechanical Construction



Lumen Output

Typical CRI

CCT Range








21in X 14 in

Wall or Pole

40 ~ 100 KLM


3000K to 7000K


12 in dia.

Wall or Pole

10 ~ 15 KLM


3000K to 7000K


17 in dia.

Wall or Pole

20 ~ 40 KLM


3000K to 7000K









SPORTS LiteBLOCK Luminiare

The sports LiteBLOCK luminaires employ custom precision optics to ensure that high high quality light is delivered to the play area and exceeds standards demanded by the sports organization. In all applications we configure the optics and verify performance by third party testing and simulation.

The High Output 21 Inch Sports Light Data Sheets may be downloaded here:

21 Inch 80KLM Sports Light

80KLM Sports Light Installation Manual


Hi-Bay LiteBLOCK Luminaire

The LiteBLOCK Hi-Bay provides uniform illumination at high CRIs at the client's required color temperature.

The 17 Inch Round luminaire is the most popular Hi-Bay Luminaire providing cost effective solution and a short ROI period in capitalzation costs.

AEDL may also be of assistance in providing local government body grants for earned carbon credits.

Hi-Bay Documents may be found here:

17 Inch Hi-Bay Specification

17 Inch Hydroponic Hi-Bay General Specification

17 Inch Hi-Bay Installation Manual

17 Inch 20KLM IES File